Social Network Etiquette

Just as there is etiquette in the traditional social setting there is also social network etiquette.

We are not trying to be snobby or uptight. We just want to be good stewards of the online communities.

Top 4 Social Network Etiquette RulesSocial Network Etiquette

1. Don’t spam – I dove more into this in the post on spamming, but this is a big no if you want to be respected and gain a substantial audience.

2. Engage with your audience – Comment, reply, and help them when they respond to a post. This lets them know that there is a person behind the account and not just some bot posting the latest updates from the website.

3. Keep personal stuff on a personal account – Social networking is like a soap box for your business. You have it to promote your site and engage with your readers, not to talk about your trip to the Grand Canyon or your sister’s new baby. Keep it professional.

4. Don’t offend your audience  - This is a little subjective due to the nature of some niches. Let’s say you are running a review site niche and have a negative review. This may upset and offend someone people who make money off of that product or service. However, if you are using obscene language or something else of the sort, your audience may back away leaving you without anyone to read your latest posts.

Social Network Etiquette: Food for Thought

I understand that you may want to follow everyone who follows you and this is ok. However,social network etiquette 2 keep in mind that once things take off and the follows start flooding in, it is ok to stop and be selective with who your account is following. Most of the time, the networks will allow people to see who you are following and this could impact you authority.

Here are some things that a fellow Internet Marketer has to say about social networking.

If you have any questions, as always I am here to help so please let me know by leaving a comment. If you have any other tips on social network etiquette please share the tips with us so we all can use them to the fullest.

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